Thursday, 25 June 2015

About Us

Hi! Thank you for coming over and visiting our little blog!
I'm excited to introduce myself and my family to you. Here is a little about us.

From the Left : Miss A, Tim, Miss M, Me (Jasmine) and Miss E

Jasmine (Mum)

Wife. Mother. Cook. Loves Baking. Avid Reader. Purple Hair. Passionate about Advocacy.

Tim (Dad)

Husband. Father. Musician. Kind. Patient. Bass Guitar. Kitchen Hand. Taste tester.

Miss E

Four and a Half. Daughter. Sister. Kindy Kid. Cuddly. Sweet. Independent. Horse Mad.

Miss A

Three and a Half. Daughter. Sister. Giggly. Outgoing. Pirate Obsessed. Fox Loving. Will put sauce on any food.

Miss M

One. Daughter. Sister. Adventurer. Cheeky. Never Sits Still. Adores Baby Dolls. Bundle of Crazy.

We are a family with multiple severe food allergies and many food and chemical intolerances thrown in. When I first started having to cater for multiple allergies I was so lost and confused. I remember many moments of frustration and tears when I couldn't find a single recipe that we could all eat. I would look and look and look to try and find something that would work but could never find anything. Food shopping was a nightmare. Each meal I would go into my kitchen, rifle through my pantry, throw things in a bowl and hope for the best. We have never had a true disaster in the kitchen so I must not be doing too badly!
After recently finding out that 2 of our girls are also reactive to preservatives and additives, we went though our cupboard and threw out anything that has additives or preservatives. We are feeling so much better for it. We are still adapting and learning, trying to find new ways to create tasty food that kids will eat (especially fussy Miss A!) but everyday I learn something new. All of my recipes are egg, dairy, nut, preservative, additive and refined sugar free. Most will also have options for gluten and soy free. Sometimes we do use almonds (the only safe nut in our house!) but I will always include a nut free option.We also have a friend with fructose malabsorption so many recipes will cover that too. If you have an allergy or intolerance you would like me to develop a recipe for just let me know and I will give it a go.
Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and read about my little family. I hope that in return I can inspire you get creative with allergy aware, family friendly cooking. I'm learning new things everyday and can't wait to share my recipes and ideas with you.

PS. All the photos in this post were taken by my talented SIL Hannah, from Palindrome Photos. You can find her Facebook page HERE


  1. What a GREAT idea to make a blog of your allergy journey.

    1. Thanks! Mulitiple allergies for multiple family members has been tricky to adapt to but I genuinely enjoy creating allergy friendly recipes. x